Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The NBA: Where Cheating with Teammates' Wives Happens

Eva Longoria filed for divorce from Tony Parker today.  This comes amidst speculation that Parker had apparently been cheating on Longoria for over a year, exchanging hundreds of text messages with one of the couples' "mutual friends."

"Mutual" might not be the appropriate term anymore.

According to People Magazine, Eva Longoria apparently told Mario Lopez that the "mutual friend" was the wife of one of his fellow San Antonio Spurs.

If the allegation is true, which Spurs player would you like it to be?  Feel free to comment below.

For obvious reasons, I hope its Duncan.  Not so fundamentally sound in the sack are ya, Timmy?


  1. Tiago Splitter has to be i mean granted hes not the best looking guy on the team but hes from brazil makes a lot of money he has to have a hot brazilian wife right????


  2. Are any of the Spurs, other than Tony of course, gay? Cuz if so I'm guessing its that guy...