Thursday, November 18, 2010

Steve, Say It Ain't So

With my beloved Suns at 6-5 and having shipped out Amare Stoudemire to create cap space to overpay a young nucleus of poo-poo platter players, there seems to be speculation that if the club's record hasn't improved by mid-season it might be time to move Steve Nash to make room for Goran Dragic. 

Now I'm not so upset with the idea of sending Steve Nash elsewhere.  He's been great for the club since coming back in 2003 and I would like to see him have an opportunity to win a title. 

But more than that, he's been a great ambassador for the game.  In a league dominated by overpaid thugs with too many tattoos and enormous egos, Nash has been the Association's face at some of its lowest points.

Remember when Kobe got in trouble for not raping that girl in Denver?  That was a public relations nightmare for David Stern.  His league's brightest star was facing criminal charges, and despite overwhelming evidence that no crime was committed, the media wasn't giving Kobe the benefit of the doubt.

Why not?  Well, because Kobe's a dick.

Throw in the Brawl at the Palace and the landscape was looking dark for the NBA in 2004.  Stern's league was in trouble, reeling from the turmoil surrounding its biggest name, its most historic franchise, and the drama surrounding its defending champion Detroit Pistons.

Nash was there to pick it up, winning two MVP awards and becoming, for a while, the face of the NBA.  In fact, Nash has been an integral part in reshaping the league's image in the time since the Kobe trial and the Brawl at the Palace. 

A 6'4" white Canadian winning two league MVPs and becoming its posterchild?  What kind of P.R. campaign can we come up with to express how improbable that is?  I know:

"The NBA: Where Amazing Happens"

Even with Kobe's return to prominence and the rise of young talents like Kevin Durant, Lebron James and Dwyane Wade, Nash has continued to be a major face of the NBA.  He remains one of the Association's golden boys - guys who Stern can always depend on to look out for the best interests of the league.

This brings us back to the present day and the speculation about Steve Nash potentially leaving the Suns for brighter pastures.  Just to reiterate, as a Suns fan I don't mind Nash leaving.  It makes sense for both sides: Nash can pursue a title and the Suns can look to rebuild. 

Along with the speculation about whether or not Nash will leave has come plenty of conjecture about where Nash might end up if he chooses to leave.  The biggest players for his services (at least according to reports) would be the Thunder, the Clippers, the Nets, the Magic, and the Knicks. 

Any of those destinations would be fine with me.

But what destination is Rich Bucher throwing around? 


... ... ...

There is nowhere in the world that I want Nash to go less.  I would rather he retired, moved home to whereeverthefuck in Canada he's from, and was never heard from again.  I would rather not see Nash play than see him play with those assholes on the Heat. 

I mean, what would it do to his image?  Look what moving there did to Lebron.  He went from being on top of the world, oggled by every sports writer in America and held up as a modest young athlete who had the world at his fingertips but could control his own ego despite his enormous potential and even bigger expectations.  Now the guy's a lepper, cast off by every sports fan in the country for having pulled the biggest "Fuck You" in the history of American sports.

I don't care how much Nash wants a title.  He can't go there.  Just to be associated with that group would make Nash one of the most hated players in the NBA by default.  He'd be just like Lebron: a talented player taking the easy way out by creating a "Dream Team". 

Steve, a title isn't worth throwing away all the good you've done over the past decade and a half.  Don't do it, Steve!  Don't do it!

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  1. Steve Nash isn't that guy. Look at New York first. They can actually trade for him, and Nash spends his summers there.

    Also look at Golden State, Orlando (Nash in Orlando is scary.)..places like Dallas before they traded for Kidd. Nash won't go to Miami, they don't have the pieces, and Nash isn't that guy.

    Remember, he made this commercial:
    He wouldn't go to Miami.