Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Natalie Imbruglia & A Moment of Sexual Opaqueness

Have you ever just been in the zone?  Ya know, one of those times when you're so focused on a particular task that you don't even realize what is happening around you.  You're like a zombie, unable to think about anything except your craving for human flesh. 

That was me Saturday night (well, metaphorically anyway), following the lights of the U-Haul in front of me as we travelled from Richmond, VA to Lowville, NY.  We had been on the road since 3:30.  It was 11.  We still had about 4 hours to go. I was tired of driving, unable to focus on anything but the tail lights in front of me, and beginning to allow my mind to wander.  My eyelids were slowly descending.  I was beginning to feel a little bit too comfortable. 

I started to worry that I might fall asleep and end up in the ditch on the side of the road.  I took a big drink of my Pepsi Max and turned the radio back on.  I had turned it off out of frustration when Syracuse fumbled on their own 4 yd line, but now I needed it to help me stay awake.  I checked the AM dial for a football game worth listening to, then realized that college football sucks.  So I turned it to the FM dial looking for some music. 

Country or Christian Rock ... Ugh.

I found a country station that I felt was promising, sang along with Kenny Chesney and George Strait, and then was subjected to the worst song I've ever heard in my life - "Soldiers & Jesus" by James Otto.  The chorus: "God only knows where we'd be without soldiers and Jesus." 


After about a minute and a half of that redneck rhapsody, I was fed up enough to try to find anything else.  I found a good light rock station playing Gin Blossoms, so I left it there.  They followed up with Tracy Chapman and John Mellencamp, some other good songs that I could jam out to.  I found myself singing along with each of the songs, 5 or 6 hits in a row that I knew every word of.  I was back in the zone, completely spaced out, focused on nothing but the lights in front of me and the songs playing on the radio.

Before I knew it, the set was over.  On came the d.j. to prep the commercials and introduce the next series of songs.  I didn't want to change the channel.  The d.j. began recounting the songs I had heard: "Follow You Down", "Fast Car", and "Small Town".  "Bright Lights' by Matchbox 20 ahead in the next set."

I began surfing for another station.  I like Matchbox 20, but I find that particular song a bit lame.  The next station down was a rock station playing U2.  I left it there for a bit, but as they switched from U2 to "About a Girl" by Nirvana, I decided to check on the station I had been listening to before.  I switched over just in time to hear the opening acoustic sounds of an unidentified song that I recognized, but couldn't quite wrap my head around.  Then the female voice came in:

I thought I saw a man brought to life.
He was warm, he came around, and he was dignified ...

I realized I knew the song - "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia.  What I didn't immediately realize is that I knew every word to the song.  That soon became quite apparent because I found myself singing along with each and every word. 


Ok.  "Singing" is not nearly a strong enough term to describe what I was doing.  I was belting that shit out.  I didn't even realize it until the song was over and I was suddenly asking myself questions like, "What just happened?" and "Am I gay?" 

The answers I came up with: "I don't know" and "Kinda"