Friday, November 26, 2010

NBA Tattoo Manifesto Installment 1: Marquis Daniels

Name: Marquis Daniels

Team: Boston Celtics
Position: Guard / Forward
College: Auburn

Height: 6'6"
Weight: 200 lbs.

Marquis Daniels might have the most interesting tattoo combination in the entire NBA - and that is really saying something.  In a league filled with over-inked headcases, Marquis Daniels stands out for being especially crazy. 

That's no small task.

Exhibit #1: Chinese Symbols
Location: Left Forearm

"Those are my initials in Chinese, M.A.D."

No they're not.  In fact, that's not even possible.  Ya see, the Chinese language has a logographic writing system in which the symbols represent ideas rather than sounds.  So there are no characters for M's, A's, or D's.  What do Marquis' Chinese symbols stand for?

"Healthy.  Woman.  Roof."

I would suggest doing a little more research next time.

(On a side note: How similar is this to Andy Bixby getting "BIX" tattooed on his right tricep?)

Exhibit #2: State of Florida - 407
Location: Lower to Mid-Level Back

How appropriate that Daniels has a tattoo of a state that ranks 4th in violent crime on his back, considering he has had numerous run-ins with the law since he entered the NBA.  The most notable: an altercation at an Indiana night club during which his teammate, Stephen Jackson, fired a pistol into the air multiple times as a speeding car was flying toward him and Daniels. Daniels has also been under investigation for a sexual assault that occurred at a party at his home. 

And people say they don't like the NBA ...

Daniels got the tattoo to show the love he has for his home state - a respectable gesture (although no sane person would ever do it).  He also added the digits "407" over the image of the state, representing the area code for the Orlando Metro area.

... ... ... ... ...

And finally, la creme de la creme ... easily the craziest thing I've ever seen tattooed on the human body.  I've seen demons and the grim reaper, men with swastikas on their neck, chest, and face.  I've seen a black man with a tattoo of Robert E. Lee over his heart.  I've seen some crazy shit, but this is fucking nuts!

Exhibit #3: Shotgun Suicide
Location: Right Forearm

"Only the Strong Survive."

Thus is the inscription over an image of a man holding a shotgun in his mouth, and pulling the trigger with the big toe of his left foot while his brains spew out the top of his exploding skull.  Easily the craziest thing you will ever see tattooed on the human body (by anyone who is not serving multiple life sentences, at least). 

Granted, its a really nice piece of work.  The illustration, although gruesome, is very detailed, and the color scheme suits the image well.  But unless you're trying to mold your image into one of a paranoid, delusional psychopath, you're not emblazening the "Shotgun Suicide" tattoo on your body for the rest of your life. 

Or maybe that's just me ...