Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Please, Allow Me to Rationally Outline 1 Reason Why I Loathe NY State

Alright, I'm going to go on a bit of a rant here.  I know its something I do pretty much every day, but an event occurred today that has set me off into one of the most irrational, hate-filled experiences of my life.  After this event, I actually found myself day-dreaming about beating the shit out of a cop.

Fucked up.  I know. 

I'd get my ass beat.  I know. 

To show that I'm at least somewhat rational, I know that it wasn't that guy's fault.  I had an inspection that has been expired for 3 weeks, so according to NY State, it was my fault.  But I beg to differ.  I think its the fault of the stupid law from the retarded state we live in.  Why the fuck do I have to get a new inspection every 12 months?  Can that much go wrong with a vehicle in a year that we need to inconvenience every automobile owner in the state by making them take time out of their busy days and bring their cars into a garage to get a little yellow sticker put on its windshield? 

The state says its about safety, about preserving air quality by requiring annual emissions checks.  The state is full of shit.

Its about their commitment to raising revenue through any means possible.  As if the taxes in this state aren't so high that they're forcing its businesses, and by extension its citizens, elsewhere, we also have a cop sitting every 10 miles waiting to issue a ticket if some poor sot forgets to set his cruise control.  Its fucking ridiculous.  We hire these dicks in the name of fighting crime, but what they really do is bite the hand that feeds them.  Instead of incarcerating gangbangers and drugdealers, these assholes fuck the guy who goes to work, pays his taxes, and has better things to do with his time than steal, sell drugs, and commit murders.  The people who steal, sell drugs, and commit murders either get away with it in perpetuity because the cops aren't smart enough to catch them, or they spend a few years in a medium security resort where they get free meals, free education, a free gym membership, and free cable, all paid for by the revenue from the poor sots' speeding tickets!

Hey copper, we're the people you're supposed to be protecting!  Stop using us as a supplementary revenue stream!

The Fuzz sure know how to move quickly when its time to track down somebody who fails to come to a complete stop at a vacant intersection, but its been two months since an 80-something year old man was murdered for his prescription medications at 4:00 in the afternoon on the busiest street in Ogdensburg, and the OPD still haven't solved that crime.  And we hired 5 more of them last night!  For what?  So they can stop stop two dirt merchants from killing one another outside of Kozy Korner on a Saturday night?  Fuck it.  I say "let em go."  That's one less scumbag that society has to deal with, and one less police officer we don't need and whose salary we can't afford to pay.

I know it sounds like I'm putting all the blame on the average cop, but I know its not his fault.  He's just an average guy who's pro football career didn't work out, so he decided to slap on a badge and follow orders like the rest of us.  And his orders are determined by two groups of people - his bosses, who are just older versions of him, and the dickhead politicians in Albany who love wasting our hard-earned money by creating restrictions on everything, hiring more police officers to enforce those restrictions, and by proxy taking even more of our hard-earned money! 

Its an endless cycle of the common man getting fucked in the ass by the man. 

I know I sound like a whiney hippy right now, but I'm fucking tired of getting my colon cleaned every time I go to cash my check.  Jesus Christ, NY State, you already jack me every time I get a paycheck and every time I buy something.  How 'bout you cut a guy a fucking break when he's 3 weeks late on the inspection he shouldn't need in the first place?

Well thats never going to happen, so I'm going to end up coughing up another $150 to New York State.  Meanwhile, the drug addict who murdered the old man during the middle of the day on the busiest street in town still hasn't been found and probably never will be. 

But don't get caught driving 36 in a 30 on your way to pay your taxes this March.  That'll cost ya an extra two hundred bucks.